Australia's most cost-effective solar farm installations

We specialise in the construction of small and utility-scale solar power stations, re-energising regional Australia and helping build a more sustainable future for all Australians

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Our state-of-the-art approach to construction allows for the fastest, high-quality builds in Australia.

Our cost of build is typically half that of traditional fixed tilt systems, with a huge range of advantages including:

+ Compact substructure requires less materials reducing supply, logistics and installation costs by up to 40% compared to conventional alternatives

+ No DC trenching, no foundations, no concrete & minimal heavy machinery

+ 225% improved land yield than traditional structures

+ Demonstrated ability to deliver regional projects on time and on budget

+ Ultra low profile blends in with surrounding environment = less pushback from neighbours

+ 72% less CO2 compared to conventional substructures

+ Contribute to regional sustainability by utilising local suppliers and labourers

Watch our 3.8MW DC build grow from an empty lot to an ocean of panels at home amongst surrounding agriculture:

Solar framing with the lowest CO2 footprint

The PEG substructure of our solar builds provides a simplified high-density ground mount solution. It's mobile, light weight, simple to install with only hand tools, no DC trenching, no foundations, no concrete and requires minimal land giving you flexibility of choosing where to install.

Solar substructure on display

Award Winning Innovation

Business of the Year - Uralla Chamber Business Awards - 2022

Excellence in Innovation Award New England North West - 2021 Business NSW Awards - 2021

Small Business Achievement Award - Regional Achievement & Community Awards - 2019

Excellence in Innovation - Armidale Regional Business Awards - 2019

Excellence in Sustainability - Armidale Regional Business Awards - 2019

Business of the Year - Armidale Regional Business Awards - 2018

Start Up Superstar - Armidale Regional Business Awards - 2018

Innovation of the Year - Northern Inland Innovation Awards - 2017

Engineering Category Winner - Northern Inland Innovation Awards - 2017

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Sustainability of Rural & Regional Communities

“These sorts of projects are one way that we can provide work opportunities and business opportunities to the next generation to sustain our rural and regional communities. Wherever we go we try to employ as many people as we possibly can, we like to support the local businesses so this is about contributing to rural and regional Australia” —Methuen Morgan, Director - Meralli Solar

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