Our Mission

Our mission is to change the energy landscape across regional Australia by installing high-quality, cost-effective, compact utility-scale solar farms that sit comfortably side by side with agriculture while empowering rural and regional economic development and sustainability.

Meralli Solar is Australia’s leading provider of PEG frame solar solutions at the distribution level in rural and regional Australia. We see the opportunities associated with increased generation capacity in a decentralised grid, which shares energy within the local regional community, ultimately providing more affordable and reliable power than the current centralised system. We see that this approach will build economic capacity in our regional communities.

Our Values


Establish partnerships with professional, regionally based businesses to support our business objectives and to contribute to regional economies.


Empower regional Australia’s economic development and sustainability by providing energy security and reliability to rural and regional communities.

Meralli Project-5

Provide employment opportunities for unskilled labour, enhancing their technical skills and improved employability into the future.

Our Social Commitment

Daryl Kelly, Owner, Barcaldine Welding Works

We use local suppliers wherever possible, offer local employment opportunities and spend our money in the communities we are working in.

We provide youth and indigenous employment opportunities and provide professional mentoring and guidance tailored to meet the needs of our workers.

Dareton Solar Farm

We share our success, supporting local organisations, events and community groups.


Our Executive Team

David was instrumental in the successful installation of Australia’s first privately funded (without Government grants), award-winning solar farm. David also project managed ‘Dunblane’ the largest solar farm of its type in the world, 11MW installed in just 10 weeks.

David oversees logistics, project planning, construction techniques, quality, staff training, site review, site preparation arrangements, project costings and budget management. David is deeply committed to sustainability in all facets of life and work. His approach to producing high-quality projects is uncompromising. David participated in the 17th round of the Australia Rural Leadership Program reaffirming his determination to make a difference in regional socio economic sustainability, graduating with a B.Sus (UNE 2017).

He continues to maintain a strong commitment within NSW Farmers and  local community groups. In 2017 he graduated with a Bachelor of Sustainability at the University of New England. While studying David continued to operate a successful agribusiness. David believes renewable energy systems provide significant business opportunities for rural and regional Australia.

The formation of Meralli Solar reflects Methuen’s passion for the triple bottom line, building regional sustainability and his desire to take action in the face of the looming economic, social and environmental impact of climate change.

Methuen manages client liaison, workplace health and safety, site administration, project documentation, recruitment, human resources and corporate governance. Methuen is passionate about community engagement and achieving optimal stakeholder outcomes. Methuen is a highly effective communicator and leader, he strives to ensure high levels of productivity and client satisfaction.

Methuen has thirty years’ experience in large-scale agribusiness, backed by a degree in Financial Administration, and is also a respected academic in the field of Environmental Psychology, specialising in behaviour change. Methuen completed his PhD thesis graduating in 2017 and has been published in numerous academic journals.

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