Dareton Solar Farm

Dareton Solar Farm is a 3.8MW DC commercial and is one of the first private solar plants in the Dareton area north of the Murray river. The solar farm will support the local electricity supply for the residents and growers in the area, mainly vineyards, citrus, and almonds. Dareton Solar Farm was built on a retired vineyard that had ceased being productive.

Construction took 6 weeks and concluded in May 2019.  The workforce was predominantly made up of locals and some backpackers. In fact a couple of keen locals joined Meralli Solar at their next project at Moree. At the height of construction 16 people were working on site, excluding contractors (trades).

Local subcontractors came predominantly from the local area including the nearby regional city of Mildura, while the Dareton café supplied all our meals and  the Coomealla Caravan Park supplied all our accommodation.