Providing unbeatable green energy security for regional Agribusiness

High quality and cost-effective compact solar with the lowest CAPEX, OPEX and C0₂ footprint in the Australian market

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Our Agribusiness solar systems typically cost half that of traditional fixed tilt systems, with a huge range of advantages:

225% More Land Yield

More output from less land than conventional trackers and fixed tilt systems. Ideal for agribusinesses with limited space.

Cost Effective to Install and Manage

Our compact substructure reduces supply, transportation and installation costs by up to 40%. Our solar builds remain the most cost-effective in the country despite changing prices of commodities and shipping.

The Greener Choice

No concrete, 78% less steel and 72% less embedded CO₂ compared to conventional alternatives.

Energy Storage & Management

Our sites are designed to add energy storage whether retrofitted or built as part of the project. With more than 10 MW battery storage already installed and another 20+ MW in the pipeline for 2022, we are the leading regional installer of solar batteries in Australia.


Modular structure so your solar farm can scale with your business—future proofing your energy needs

Since our first build in 2017, our team have built solar projects across regional Australia—on time and on budget—adding to a combined output of over 60+ MW; enough to power a small city!


The PEG Substructure - Ideal for Agribusiness

We are Australia's leading installers of the high-density, lightweight, highly robust PEG substructure system

The design of PEG is fundamentally different from other substructures. Instead of heavy steel posts, many lean rods are used to support the solar modules (see images). We chose the system because of its many advantages over traditional alternatives including:

Energy Density

The minimal land required for maximum output is unbeatable.

Low profile

Just 800mm off the ground at its highest point which means it is easily screened and less likely to become a visual issue for your neighbours.

Rapid Installation

Quick to erect requiring minimal heavy machinery. Capacity to build at pace with a small team means you're harnessing the sun sooner.

Reduced CO2 Footprint

No DC trenching or cement foundations and 50% less raw materials (compared to traditional systems) using PEG.

Working in Partnership for the Benefit of Regional Australia

Meralli Solar founders and principals, David Mailler and Methuen Morgan, were born and bred in regional Australia and with their experience in agriculture and agribusiness they understand the challenges and the needs of regional and remote businesses. When you work with us, you are dealing with the owners of the company, not a salesperson representing a city-based or multinational organisation. Ensuring not only that your voice is heard but timely responses and a partnering approach to problem solving.

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Meralli Solar Co-founders - David Mailler & Methuen Morgan

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