Alongside the most efficient solar builds, we’re building capability in energy storage technologies including engineering, procurement, construction and installation services for battery energy storage systems in the commercial, industrial and utility-scale markets.


Meralli Solar’s engineering resources are backed by decades of experience in the design and optimisation of battery energy storage in a range of applications and using a range of battery chemistries.  The company has an extensive understanding of the effect of depth of discharge and operating temperature on battery cycle life and aging rates and how these characteristics vary in different chemistries and has developed diagnostics to help identify and appropriately manage aging cells, and adjust charge and discharge strategies over the life of the battery cells.

Meralli Solar’s clients benefit from the decades of practical experience of the company’s engineering resources which achieve robust solutions that meet or exceed client expectations in terms of both cost and performance.

Storage solutions are designed to
fit each specific use case

Internal systems ensure:

  • Compliance with the manufacturer warranty conditions is assured through appropriate voltages, charge and discharge rates at each state of charge of the battery storage;
  • Multiple levels of protection for the hardware; and
  • Detailed logging of key battery parameters where data is kept over the life of the storage and is available for review.

Storage Builds & Management

Meralli Solar will identify the most appropriate storage technologies to meet client objectives, given site-specific constraints. The internal analysis involves integrating detailed technical information about storage options with a site’s time-series energy production and loads and financial benchmarks.  This analysis yields detailed financial models that operate over the life of the project (sometimes decades) with high-resolution intervals.  These models form the basis for optimisation which can involve thousands of cases being studied (using guided automation of the optimisation) and identifying the solutions which deliver the client the highest return on investment.

Storage applications that Meralli Solar’s engineers can deliver include:

  • Remote communications sites and GPS reference stations;
  • Generation management of solar production to meet ramp rate requirements of electrical Network Service Providers (NSPs).  This solves NSP concerns about very rapid changes in solar output in the face of variable cloud cover.
  • Off-grid remote area power supplies (RAPS);
  • Microgrid applications;
  • Time-shifting applications in large-scale grid-connected storage both behind the meter and for stand-alone generators operating as merchant plants;
  • Provision of Frequency Control Ancillary Services;
  • Solutions that are Parallel or Serial DC coupled with Solar Power;
  • Peak shaving applications;
  • Solutions to optimally manage NSP network charges; and
  • Power factor management