They were terrific customers. They were always friendly, always happy. They remembered names. They were very complimentary of the meals they had. They were very appreciative of anything extra we did for them. And we loved having them here.  When they go into a town they try to support everyone. They try to spread their money around. They were just terrific support for the town. They were exceptional guests. I would recommend them to anyone.

Heather Hoskin – Shakespeare Hotel

They came and introduced themselves when they arrived. Couldn’t have been more helpful and more approachable. They were very friendly, got along well with the public. And I think they fitted in well with the community. And they’ve built some good friendships. When they came to town they approached us to find out what we had in stock, and what was available to them. They didn’t just expect to bring everything in and not to support the locals. They have tried to buy local where they could.

Lisa Winter – Western Freight Link

Meralli were very good to deal with. We had a 3 month contract to provide breakfast, morning tea and lunch each day. Their communication with us as a business was great. They were upfront, let you know what they  wanted and gave feedback, which is great when you are in business. Dave and Methuen were very community minded and came to town and invested in the community.

Aaron Skinn – Satisfaction Bakery