I was commissioned by Meralli Solar to capture construction of the Dunblane Solar project from start to finish. They were all very easy to deal with, professional, practical and went out of their way to support the local businesses. They understand regional businesses and are obviously passionate about regional economies. It was very rewarding to work with a company who has such big goals whilst having their feet on the ground.

Louise Gronold, Louise Gronold Imagery
Louise Gronold – Louise Gronold Imagery

We provided steel fabrication, modified steel components & supplied steel fencing to Meralli Solar during construction of their Dunblane Project in Barcaldine. They were easy to deal with, efficient, organised and paid on time, which is great for a small business. We appreciated their business and that they went out of their way to support local businesses in Barcaldine. We would recommend any small business to work with Meralli, no hesitation.

Daryl Kelly, Owner, Barcaldine Welding Works
Daryl Kelly – Owner, Barcaldine Welding Works

“When David and Methuen from Meralli Solar came to Barcaldine, they were so enthusiastic about not only their project, but how they could fit in with our community and kick a few goals for us. They contributed to our festival and other community projects, shopped locally, sourcing as much of their materials as they possibly could. They were very community minded.”


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Rob Chandler, Mayor, Barcaldine Regional Council
Rob Chandler – Mayor, Barcaldine Regional Council